Faculties and PhD students

    Name Position Major expertise
    Sebastian Wandelt (小塞)Professor (教授,博导)Algorithm design, Data management, Complex networks
    Xiaoqian Sun (孙小倩)Associate Professor (副教授,博导)Multi-modal transportation infrastructure, Airline operations
    Yifan Xu (许逸凡)PhD student (4th year)Airline scheduling and optimization
    Chunxiao Zhang (张春晓)PhD student (4th year)Facility location, Vehicle routing
    Hanlin Wu (武汉麟)PhD student (2nd year)Airline operations under disruptions
    Jiaxuan Wu (吴佳轩)PhD student (2nd year)Airspace operations
    Changhong Zheng (郑长虹)PhD student (1st year)Air transportation systems
    Shuang Wang (王爽)PhD student (1st year)Transportation network modelling and optimization