Our group offers several courses at Beihang University (listed by academic year):

Linear Algebra@SGE (Winter 2021/2020/2019):
  1. Matrices, elimination, inverse, transpose
  2. Vector Spaces, four subspaces, basis, dimension, rank
  3. Graphs, Kirchhoffs laws
  4. Orthogonality, Least squares, determinants, cofactors
  5. Eigenvalues, Diagonalizations, postive definite
  6. Matrix similarity, SVD
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming@SGE (Winter 2021/2020/2019/2018/2017):
  1. Python, variables, datatypes, control flow structures
  2. Functions, recursion, divide and conquer
  3. Sorting algorithms, comparison-based sorting, counting-based sorting
  4. Searching with tree structures, red-black trees
  5. Hashing and collision avoidance strategies
  6. Graphs and graph algorithms
Data Management and Artificial Intelligence@SGE (Summer 2022/2021/2010/2019/2018):
  1. Files, external storage
  2. Relational databases, usage, indexing
  3. Visualization in Python
  4. XML and the Semantic Web
  5. AI and General Game Playing
  6. Supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks